IT Park Agra

  • It was decided that the IT Park will be establish with the help of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) at Agra
  • Agra Development authority (ADA) has provided 2 Acre (8100.288 sqm) land
  • Location of IT Park will be Shastripuram Scheme, Sector-D Agra.
  • STPI officials has also assured that the Centre will be operationalize soon as the construction has been started.
  • North side wall – Plinth Beam completed, column and masonry in progress.
  • South side wall – Footing completed except at expansion joint, masonry completed below Plinth Beam.
  • East side wall – Reinforcement completed for Plinth Beam.
  • West side wall – Masonry completed above Plinth Beam.

IT Park Agra – Gallery